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Thank You for Making Me Your Papa


September 22, 2013, was a pretty special day.

For those of you unacquainted with that particular day over two years ago, it was the day Isabel was born. It was the day Mama and I officially became Mama and Papa, and the day that our lives changed forever. And while we both have a ton to thank Isabel for, with Father’s Day around the corner, I am going take the mic for a bit.

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9 Ways Toddlers Waste Water


It’s a well known fact that we Californians are suffering terribly because of the drought. My grass is turning brown and I live in constant fear that the water patrol will fine me for my errant sprinklers. The “record-shattering” El Niño that was hyped by nearly every weather expert also wasn’t nearly as “record-shattering” to us in SoCal as it was to our friends up north, nonetheless, it did keep my grass looking sharp this winter (and kept a few more dollars in my bank account). But, if the powers-that-be really really want to conserve water, they’d do one thing – figure out a way to explain to toddlers the perils of wasting water.

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The Toddler Paradox: Walking


I remember waiting in anticipation as Isabel began showing signs of movement. I mean, who knew how exciting seeing your kid roll from back-to-front would be? Then came the sitting-on-all-fours-rocking-back-and-forth that would eventually become crawling. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. Her first birthday came and went, and no walking. Little did we know, walking is one of the biggest tricks in the toddler rule book.

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Am I Insane?


I stand there, on the sidewalk, trying to reason with a  barely-two-year-old, knowing that I’m wasting my time and energy, and only getting more annoyed with a child who is unable to adequately express herself, has no concept of time or space, and just wants to be picked up. Oh, and some nosy lady is staring at us from across the street as I curse under my breath.

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