Mama Speaks #26

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Do you ever get jealous of Diego? I just saw him, and got a little jealous.

Rest is something adults don’t get nearly enough of, and I’m not even talking about parents. There are plenty of folks who work long hours, multiple jobs, take care of others, and barely have enough time to eat, poop, and sleep themselves.

Pets on the other hand have it made. They get fed when they want, sleep when they want, and demand attention when they want (sounds a lot like kids, huh?). Then, they have the nerve to silently rub it in our face as they sleep peacefully at 5am when we’re crawling out of bed or lounge around at all hours of the day while we frantically try to keep a kid busy, wash dishes, do work, or simply live.

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So, it’s only natural to envy your pampered and well-rested pets as you scramble to get ready before your kid wakes up calling your name, walk through the door knowing dinner needs to be made with a needy toddler biting your ankles, endure an epic meltdown about nothing (often while you’re trying to get ready or make dinner), or write this blog post with your purring cat next to you.