Learning Spanish with Lil’ Libros

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There was a time in Isabel’s brief life that half of her understandable vocabulary was Spanish. That was also the time when she only knew about 6 words. Needless to say, she now says a few more words, and seems to be saying more words in English. But ask her something in Spanish, and she knows exactly what you mean, exactly what to bring you, or exactly what needs to be done (within the limits of a toddler’s comprehension, of course). However, we’re still working on fetching drinks…

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6 Toddler Meltdown Triggers


It’s has been well-documented across the internet that toddlers lose their shit over the most random things. They are basically human tectonic plates (hey, I live in California) – usually they are fine, but without warning they can slip, and all hell breaks loose. Seemingly ordinary actions cause an immediate and catastrophic meltdown, and we usually have absolutely no clue what caused it. In my brief time as a dad to a toddler, and inspired by a comment made by Mrs. FWL a few days ago while dressing our daughter, this is my short list of toddler meltdown triggers, that I’m sure will quickly grow:

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