Mama Speaks #23

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I hated this stuff as a kid. Now, it’s like a warm blanket over my body.

Mrs. FWL is sooooo right. I don’t care what flavor cold medicine it was (in this case cherry), I agree that it was all gross. Taking cold medicine as a kid was like torture, despite the benefits it may or may not have had on my body. It only took 30 years to truly appreciate the wonderful effects of that red, coat-your-throat, alcoholy goodness.

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10 Advantages of a Fake Baby

advantages of a take boy baby

Isabel started attending “school” (aka structured day-care) a little over a month ago and she loves it. There are new kids to swap germs with, new books to read, and new toys to entertain her. Well, apparently she became obsessed with the toy babies, so mama decided it would be a good idea to get her one for her birthday. And let me tell you, this thing is awesome!

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