10 Advantages of a Fake Baby

advantages of a take boy baby

Isabel started attending “school” (aka structured day-care) a little over a month ago and she loves it. There are new kids to swap germs with, new books to read, and new toys to entertain her. Well, apparently she became obsessed with the toy babies, so mama decided it would be a good idea to get her one for her birthday. And let me tell you, this thing is awesome!

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Before & After Kids: Car Shopping

toddler car shopping

Buying a car ranks in the top 5 (maybe even top 3) most frustrating, complicated, and arduous activities known to mankind. Not only do you have to figure out what you want/need, but then you have to crunch endless numbers, arrange financing, test drive, listen to chatty (and sometimes pushy) salespeople, go home, think about it, go somewhere else, think about it some more, finally make a decision, and then endure another 2 hours of paperwork. And that’s without kids. Add kids into the mix and it makes this nightmare, even more nightmarish.

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“Public Bathroom” – Convos With My 4-Year-Old

bathroom convos 4 year old

We started exploring potty training several weeks ago. Mama bought the kid-sized potty, toilet seat adapter, hand-washing stool, and several books to encourage and hype-up “the potty”. We even got lucky a couple times and Isabel went potty while sitting on her own potty. (She also crapped on the floor next to the potty because I stopped paying attention for about 30 seconds.)

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